About Grasstrees Australia

Grasstrees Australia is dedicated to the preservation of endangered Western Australian native grasstrees, zamia palms, paper barks and other native trees and shrubs.

Since 1995, our experienced team at Grasstrees Australia have been providing grasstrees and zamia palms to the public, landscapers, land and property developers, local councils, government departments, nurseries and the interstate and international export market. Proprietors Justin and Leanne Leeder, their two sons and the dedicated team at Grasstrees Australia offer a professional service.

Grasstrees Australia’s nursery is located on approximately four hectares of prime nursery space in Perth WA. In stock there are thousands of grasstrees, zamia palms and a limited number and paper barks. Grasstrees Australia is currently experimenting with other native plants for transplanting.

At Grasstrees Australia we specialize in nursery holding all stock for a minimum of 12 to 18 months. This ensures that the transplant shock phase is completed and all of our stock is sold with a guaranteed new root system developed. This ensures a strong healthy plant with a very high transplant success rate and trees require minimal watering.

There is a grasstree for every landscape, some without trunks, others for potting, single trunks and multi branched giant feature plants.

Grasstrees Australia also provides a delivery and planting service, which includes a 12 month plant guarantee when our plants are installed by our team. Plants are available bagged or potted ready for transport or delivery.

Planting and plant care instructions are provided with all plants purchased. Also provided is a full after sales service for peace of mind with your unique purchase, however advice is only given on plants purchased from Grasstrees Australia.