Native Plants

Xanthorrhoea preissii (Western Australian Grasstree)

  • Native to southwest WA and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Ideal specimen plant to add character and focus to any garden.
  • Spectacular when planted in a cluster. (see our picture gallery)
  • Small and large plants are suitable to be installed in a pot.
  • Mature grasstrees produce flower stalks periodically, most commonly every two     to three years.
  • The plants can grow to a height of over four metres and commonly branches.
  • The plant is very slow growing, taking about one hundred years to grow one metre.
  •  Assigned to the family Xanthorrhoeacea


Macrozamia riedlei (Zamia palm)

  • A medium sized cycad with a barrel-shaped trunk up to 1 metre in diameter and up to 2m in height.
  • Protected under CITES on international export.
  • Widely found in Western Australia from north of Perth to the south near Albany.
  • Ideal specimen plants to add character and focus to any garden.
  • Suitable to be grown in a pot.
  • Grows well in full sun or filtered sun. Requires good drainage, and will tolerate moderate frost
  • Assigned to the family Zamiaceae.

Kingia australis

  • A native plant with a difference, occurs naturally throughout the South West of Western Australia, transplants well to most settings.
  • Very attractive tall slender plant adorned with a skirt of fronds.
  • Ideal specimen plants to add character and focus to any garden.
  • Unlike the common grasstrees flower stalks, the Kingia australis has a crown of “dumbbell” shaped flowers.
  • Kingia australis can grow to a height of nine metres, at approximately one metre per hundred years. The trunk is slender and rarely has branches.
  • Assigned to the family Dasypogonacea.

Xanthorrhoea brunonis (Another WA Grasstree)

  • Native to southwest WA
  • Impressive flower stalk from ground level at an early age
  • Usually clusters at ground level
  • Have the ability to flower each spring
  • Assigned to the family Xanthorrhoeacea