Nursery Stablisation

‘Grasstrees Australia specialises in the supply of nursery stabilised ‘Retail Garden Centre’ quality grasstrees and macrozamia reidlei. All of our stock is guaranteed to have a developed new root system post transplant from its natural habitat.  Minimal watering and maintenance is required and our plants provide an instant visual impact to any landscape or garden.’

All plants are rescued under licence, with the majority coming from development projects.  Once extracted from their natural habitat, the plants are returned to our nursery, where they are held for a minimum of 12 months in a nurturing nursery environment.

This process, perfected over many years,  ensures that the plants are nursed through their transplant shock phase until all Grasstrees Australia stock is relocated with a guaranteed new root system developed.  Obviously this ensures a very high transplant success rate.

By achieving this quality of plant it also reduces the need for excessive watering, specific instructions are outlined in our Guideline For Care instructions that are issued to each client at the time of sale.