Joondalup Health Campus Redevelopment

May 2013 saw our final installation of nursery held grasstrees and macrozamia palms at the Joondalup Health Campus.

The project began in February 2009, with an excess of 350 Xanthorrhoea Preissii and Macrozamia Riedlei extracted from the developing site,  that has today become Joondalup Health Campus.

As each phase progressed, plants were removed from their natural habitat at this site, returned to GTA nursery facility for stabilisation and a nursery hold period.  They were then returned upon completion of each stage, into the now well developing landscape at the hospital.

John Holland’s Joondalup Health Campus Redevelopment team, with whom we worked closely on throughout this project, are congratulated and sincerely thanked by all of us here at Grasstrees Australia.  The professional, expert and efficient work ethics of this team is acknowledged by us.  It is our pleasure to have been associated with this project.

A great environmental example.

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