Hammond Rise Estate

Grasstrees Australia are proud to be associated with Qube Property Group in the
development of their estate at Hammond Rise.

Grasstrees were rescued prior to the clearing stage of this development, back in 2010 and
have since been cared for at our Wattle Grove nursery.   We are
now returning many of these grasstrees to their original natural environment.

We acknowledge Qube Property Group for their environmental endeavours and thank
them for their assistance to us in our commitment to the preservation of WA
Native plants.

For further information on House and Land Packages contact www.hammondrise.com.au

Cultural Awareness Day

Staff at Grasstrees Australia were recently involved in a Cultural Awareness Program.  Andrew Beck from Nyaarla Projects Pty Ltd visited us to conduct an informative session on the significance of grasstrees and macrozamia palms to the aboriginal community.

Andrew discussed the value of these plants to his ancestry, in their many forms and diverse usages.

The highlight of the afternoon was Andrew’s amazing didgeridoo performance and the activities all staff participated in such as the fire starting technique and the making of an aboriginal spear tip using grasstree resin.

Grasstrees Australia acknowledge the importance of these unique  WA plants to  aboriginal culture and are proud to be involved in rescuing and recycling these endangered icons in an effort to ensure their survival into the future.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Grasstrees previously extracted from this site prior to the commencment of development,  and in the interium nursery held at our facilty in Wattle Grove, have begun to be returned.

Our first installment along the entry has been completed, with many more to follow as this project continues to develop.

Nursery Displays

New display gardens that have been established at our retail nursery (entry off Bruce Road) feature several examples of landscaping ideas.  Plants featured are Xanthorrhoea Preissii, Macrozamia Reidlei and Kingia Australis.

We always have a selection of between 500 and 600 plants available at our retail nursery that you can wander through and enjoy.

Peet – Shorehaven, Alkimos

Work continues to reestablish native grasstrees originally saved from initial clearing at Shorehaven, Alkimos back into the landscape at this development.  To date there have been over 350 grasstrees reinstalled into public open spaces and road medians, with more to come.

LWP – Trinity, Alkimos

Clearing continues at Trinity with the grasstrees recovered being stored at the newly established LWP/Grasstrees Australia nursery situated on the southern side of Santorini.