Service and Warranty

Grasstrees Australia Services

  • Supply of nursery stabilised grasstrees from our Retail Nursery
  • Delivery and  Installation Service- including a 12 Month Conditional Replacement Warranty (conditions below)
  • Extraction and Nursery Hold/Storage of Grasstrees and Zamia palms
  • Trimming and Maintenance Services to existing Grasstrees
  • Onsite Health Assessments and Treatments
  • Direct Transplant and Relocation Services
  • Post-Planting Watering Service


Plants installed by Grasstrees Australia come with a 12 month guarantee. Warranty is subject to proof of adherence to GTA’s ‘guidelines of plant care’. No warranty is offered on potted plants. The warranty will not cover plants that are dead or past treatment before advising us of illness.  If a plant is to be replaced under warranty, delivery, installation and extraction is not included. No warranty will apply on Replacement Plants. Please retain your invoice as a record of your guarantee. Plant viewing and treatment is subject to a fee. Any treatment of your grasstree by any parties other than authorised Grasstrees Australia staff will result in cancellation of your warranty.