Purchasing Tips

When purchasing rescued native plants:

  • Purchase only from licensed suppliers, as the plants are protected by law.
  • Plants should be free from disease, nursery stabilised for at least 12 months with a full head of foliage.
  • Plants must be handled with care so use only correct methods of replanting.

Purchasing from Grasstrees Australia

Australian grasstrees, zamias and other native plants are under threat. Perth’s growing population is pushing further north and south, clearing land for residential homes and commercial use. People have discovered the tranquility of country style living, residing in the hills and further east into the bush land. Again, land is being cleared to make way for rural living.

One of the casualties of clearing land is the unique Australian grasstrees, zamias and other native trees. Many of these plants are hundreds of years old. Removing these plants from the land before clearing and replanting them later is one way of saving these special plants.

By adding plants to commercial and residential land, not only are we ensuring the plants will live on for generations to come, they also make splendid features that require minimal, yet regular maintenance.

Developers are now incorporating grasstrees and zamia palms into Landscaping Packages. This enables us to save the grasstrees and zamias at the time of clearing for development, nursery hold these trees until completion of projects, then return these unique plants to their original environment.

Local councils have discovered how versatile these plants are by planting them in nature strips. Landscapers use grasstrees and zamias to produce long-life garden features that will never become outdated.