Purchasing Tips

When purchasing grasstrees:

  • Purchase only from licensed suppliers, as the plants are protected by law and penalties apply.
  • Plants should be free from disease, nursery stabilised for at least 12 months with a full head of foliage.
  • Guidelines for Care including watering and maintenance tips should be provided.
  • Plants must be handled with care so use only correct methods of replanting.

Is my area suitable for a grasstree?

Our nursery stabilised grasstrees prefer:

  • Sandy, well-draining soil
  • Adequate planting area (approx 1sqm) and room for foliage to develop and grow out over time
  • Minimum 4 hours sunlight per day
  • Installed in area with minimal/measurable retic
  • Overhead spray to be avoided
  • Generally, vehicle access is required within 5m of the desired planting location for use of hiabs. Smaller plants can be manually handled.
  • Grasstrees are also able to be potted.

Purchasing from Grasstrees Australia

We are a fully licensed, nationally accredited, family owned and operated nursery. We guarantee the highest quality plants and exceptional customer service and after care.

Australian grasstrees, zamias and other native plants are under threat. Perth’s growing population is pushing further north and south, clearing land for residential homes and commercial use.   Salvaging  from the land before clearing and returning these plants once development is complete, is a service we have pioneered and perfected over 30 years.

Developers are incorporating grasstrees into Landscaping Packages, and native, water wise gardens are growing in popularity. By returning native plants to commercial and residential land, we are ensuring the plants will live on for generations to come, and helping to minimise the impact of clearing on the environment.