Make your plants thrive!

Grasstrees make excellent features in commercial and residential landscapes. A little care and planning in the beginning will ensure your grasstree thrives in its new environment.

Below are a few tips to make the job easier.

  • Choose a sunny area.
  • Select well-draining soil. If the ground is clay, plant above ground level in a raised mound or raised bed to assist with drainage.
  • Water once to twice weekly during the dry season of October – May, making sure that the rootball and developing roots get thoroughly wet. Grasstrees Australia will advise on the correct amount upon purchase.
    Water should be directed to the base of the tree only, not into the foliage head.
  • Grasstrees require minimal water during the winter months depending on the environment to which it is planted & the levels of rainfall.
  • Each spring for the first two years, cut off any flower stalks, as they can stress the plant. Monitor flowering development, as malformed stalks will need to be removed.
  • Inner foliage should be regularly monitored for any signs of spotting or discolouration.
  • Fallen debris from surrounding trees should be removed from the plant foliage regularly.
  • Grasstrees commonly form a skirt (dried outer foliage) around the change of season. This can be removed, however it does not affect the plants ongoing health

Grasstrees Australia can provide onsite assessment and maintenance services, please contact us for a quote.